Pre-Surgical Instructions

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You will always be given local anesthesia for your surgery. Your surgeon will discuss with you the appropriate supplemental anesthesia for your procedure. Each requires different preparation on your part and, for your safety, it is important that you read and follow the instructions carefully. If you are unclear about any of these directions, please ask your doctor for clarification.


Please have all of your prescriptions filled now so you will have them on hand for after your surgery.

You MUST NOT drive or operate machinery after taking narcotics or sedative medication. Please arrange for a ride to and from the office for your surgical appointment.

Note: Alcohol should not be consumed while taking narcotic medications.


Medications are given through a vein in your arm or hand, which will cause relaxation and sedation.

  • Nothing to eat or drink, including water, for (6) HOURS prior to surgery. TO DO OTHERWISE MAY BE LIFE-THREATENING! However, it is important that you take any regular medications (high blood pressure, antibiotics, etc.) using only a small sip of water.
  • You MUST have an escort at least 18 years of age or older to drive you home and that will REMAIN in our office during your entire procedure.
  • If you Smoke, QUIT. If you can’t, please refrain from smoking for at least 2 weeks.
  • Plan to rest the remainder of the day after surgery. DO NOT drive, or operate power tools, machinery, etc., or plan to work or make business decisions while under the influence of sedation for 24 hours after surgery. No rigorous exercising should be performed days following surgery. Consult with your doctor on appropriate time to return to normal schedule.
  • Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Tops/shirts should have sleeves that can easily be pulled up above the elbow. It is also important to wear flat, fully enclosed, or tie-up shoes that will assist you in walking following the procedure. Females should remove nail polish, gel, or acrylic nails before surgery, and apply as little makeup as possible.


For IV sedation/ General Anesthesia, leave all devices, personal belongings, and/or weapons in the waiting room with your escort.

Please give us at least two days notice if you need to change your appointment.

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