What Sets Us Apart

Restoring Oral Health, One Person at a Time

Oral health is an essential component of total health, both physical and emotional. With healthy mouths and natural-looking smiles come improved bodily health, stronger-self-esteem, and a greater quality of life.

At Riverbend Oral Surgery, Dr. Charles Felts and his team provide individual oral and maxillofacial surgical solutions, restoring oral health – one person and one smile at a time!

What’s Different at Riverbend Oral Surgery?

  • Dr. Felts is a third-generation dental practitioner: he grew up in the Chattanooga dental community and had an early understanding of the importance of oral health, along with a desire to help others. After completing his post-doctorate specialty training in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery, he was excited to return to his home town and establish his new practice.
  • Our staff members are highly-trained, patient-focused, and devoted to making sure everyone who walks through our doors feels heard, informed, and safe. Dr. Felts and the team are committed to providing the highest-quality clinical care and customer service that keeps people smiling!
  • We are a family-owned business, providing oral health services to the greater Chattanooga area, from a brand-new facility. We utilize the latest technologies, equipment, and processes to ensure accurate diagnostics and treatment planning, painless treatment, and long-lasting, beautiful results!

Personalized Oral Health Solutions

You have specific wants and needs: rather than dictating a particular treatment process, Dr. Felts takes time to understand all of your concerns. Then, working closely with you, he will design a treatment approach that addresses the whole of the situation, clinical and personal.

He will walk you through the proposed process, explaining the procedures, options, what to expect, and thoroughly answering your questions. This ensures you are able to make fully-informed decisions about your smile’s health!

Caring About the Person Who Owns the Smile

Throughout your time in our office, you will always have our full attention. We believe in treating every patient as we would a family member: professionally, and with the greatest respect and compassion.

You will never feel like an anonymous number in a chart or set of teeth in a treatment chair, we promise! Instead, you will be welcomed by name, greeted with genuine warmth, and feel secure in knowing we always have your welfare and best interests at heart.

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Riverbend Oral Surgery serves the greater Chattanooga area; please contact us to learn more and schedule an appointment, today!

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